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Batting Partnerships

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1108 Joshua Hood - Tim Weilandt Wodonga Cricket ClubC Grade Division 110 1 East Albury
2109 Thomas Johnson - Robert Jackson Wodonga Cricket ClubProvincial First Grade10 1 Tallangatta
3129 Robert Jackson - Bryce Garvey Wodonga Cricket ClubProvincial First Grade12 1 Belvoir
4100 Mason Prenter - Mackenzie Clifford Wodonga Cricket ClubCAW U14 - DIV 13 1 Lavington
599 Robert Jackson - Mitchell Dinneen Wodonga Cricket ClubProvincial First Grade15 1 Corowa
6105 Brad Andrews - John Ferguson Wodonga Cricket ClubC Grade Division 212 1 Baranduda
751 Cameron Suidgeest - Murray Price Wodonga Cricket ClubProvincial First Grade11 1 New City
876 Oliver Clifford - Leigh Collins Wodonga Cricket ClubProvincial Second Grade15 1 Corowa
968 Richard Grohmann - Mason Prenter Wodonga Cricket ClubC Grade Division 210 1 Albury Blue
1042 Damian Wall - Riley Szirom Wodonga Cricket ClubProvincial Second Grade18 1 Lavington Panthers

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