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Life Members


Harold Stanton *

Tom Fitzsimons *

Clive Bohr *

Clem Hicks *

Bruce Stanton *


Bruce was an outstanding opening left arm fast bowler who played for Wodonga and City Colts in a 12 year period from 1956 to 1967.

As an opening bowler, he took:

  • 9 wickets on 1 occasion
  • 8 wickets on 3 occasions, one of which was at Country Week, and
  • 7 wickets on at least 10 occasions including
    • 7 for 7 against Churches
    • 8 for 30 against City Colts
    • 9 for 29 and 5 for 37 against SS&A

Bruce was the leading wicket taker in:

  • the 1957/58 season with 59 wickets.
  • the 1958/59 season with 63 wickets.
  • the 1959/60 season with 60 wickets.
  • the 1961/62 season with 70 wickets, which included 5 wickets in an innings 8 times.

Bruce also played at Country Week on 5 occasions.

He won the Williamson Medal in the 1961/62 season and the 1963/64 season. Bruce then became the Association President for 6 years, after which he became the Association Patron and was awarded Life Membership.

Howard Mann


Howard Mann arrived in Wodonga in January 1965 as an Assistant Clerk of Courts and was recruited to the cricket club by his boss, the late legendary life member, Terry Knight.

The office of the Clerk of Courts had a grassed area which Terry determined could be a source of funds for the Wodonga Cricket Club. He applied to the Public Works Department for a grant to employ a “gardener” to care for the Office grounds.

The funds were granted and Howard was awarded the “gardener” contract for a remuneration of $200 per six months. Howard mowed the lawns for more than eight years and his payments were duly deposited in the Wodonga Cricket Club account - a sizable amount in those days.

Howard played for a couple of seasons in A and lower grades.

He took a great interest in junior development and volunteered to coach and manage the Wodonga Cricket Juniors in 1967.

Each Saturday morning  Howard took the mats and gear and collected the twelve juniors from outside the water tower, loaded them into his car and trailer and headed off to the ground at RAEME, or over to Albury. Imagine that happening today!

Howard took over the role of President from Alan Bounader in 1967, a position he held for eight consecutive years.

In those eight years Wodonga won four A Grade premierships.   In the 1975/76 season Wodonga won flags in the A, B and C grades and the inaugural Ian Cameron Club Champion Shield.

In recognition of his “gardening”, commitment to Junior Cricket and leadership of Wodonga Cricket Club, Howard was granted Life Membership in 1976.

Terry Knight *

Also known as TJ Knight and the Black Knight.

Terry Knight was a law clerk in Wodonga during the 1950’s, 602’s and early 70’s. During this period Terry served the Wodonga Cricket Club as Secreatry and was involved in establishing Kelly Park as the first Wodonga home of the W.C.C. He was President when Wodonga won the 62/63 flag.  

Establishing Kelly Park was quite a challenge but Knighty was up to it.  He used all sorts of methods, some even legal, to find the bricks for the shed and the wire mesh for the netting during the establishment period.  At the commencement of the season Terry struck a deal with one of the Juniors.  The boy would have his season’s fees of $6 waived if agreed to mow the entire cricket ground with a hand mower.  The oval was mowed.

Terry was a handy B grade cricketer. His greatest skill was managing to have himself reappointed as Captain each year....year after year.

But by far Terry’s greatest contribution to cricket in Wodonga was through his encouragement of juniors.  Terry spent every Saturday morning ferrying half of the team in his 1963 Holder, the car full of boys and cricket gear supplied by the club, and with two mats hanging out of the boot.  It was only Terry’s close relationship with the Police that kept him from being booked.

In 1993 Terry returned to Wodonga for the Cricket Club centenary celebrations.  Terry is a Life Member of the Wodonga Cricket Club and is fondly remembered by all of those who played on the same field with him.....and especially by those who were lucky enough to be on his side.

John 'Fox' Gehrig *

John Gehrig was a stalwart of the Club for many years. He played 209 games and is second behind Steve Williamson for most games played with the Wodonga A Grade team.

John commenced playing in the 57/58 season and pulled stumps after the 76/77 season. He made 3635 runs at an average of 14.78 and in the 62/63 season was the only century maker in ABCA. He took 47 wickets at 20.45.

John was a great slips fieldsman and took an amazing 165 catches. In several seasons he took more catches in slips than the keeper. Bruce Stanton could thank John for his assistance in gaining so many wickets.

He was captain of the club for three years and captained a premiership in 1969/70. He was captain of the premier team in 72/73 but missed the grand final captained by his friend Gary Williamson, because of injury.

John said he was privileged to have played alongside Des Healy and Bruce Stanton the players he considers the best batsman and bowler he played with or against in ABCA.

John was an astute cricketer and team man who maintained a keen interest in the fortunes of Wodonga Cricket Club when he moved to Milewa.

His services were acknowledged, and Life Membership bestowed on him in the 1970’s.

Sadly, John passed away in February, 2011.

Gary Williamson *

A member of the Williamson family has been playing cricket for Wodonga since the 1966/67 season when Gary first played.

In a stellar career as an all-rounder, he played 169 games.

He scored 2156 runs, had the highest score of 85 and averaged 17.25.

He took 386 wickets at 13.35 – a wonderful all-round record.

He took most wickets at the club in 66/67, 67/68 and 68/69 and scored most runs (311) at an average of 63.2.  He also scored most runs (254) in 68/69.

He played in 5 A Grade premierships and captained the 72/73 grand final in John Gehrig’s absence.

He served the club as Secretary/Treasurer for more than 10 years and has been compiling comprehensive statistics of the club dating back to the  fifties.

He is a deserving life member of the club.

When he retired in 1983 Gary became an ABCA umpire and umpired for 20 years. He was greatly respected by players from all teams.

For his services to ABCA cricket Life Membership was bestowed on him.

Sadly Gary passed away in 2009 just prior to the senior’s grand final appearance.

Gary’s three sons all played for Wodonga. The three Wiliamson boys’ record speaks for itself.  Steven played 220 plus games – a club record and obtained most wickets seven times.

Russell captured most wickets in 1990/91 and had he played on would have added to that.

Tim retired after the 09/10 grand final loss, and was a fine all-rounder and has twice captured most wickets for the club. Tim has since played several C grade games and played in the 12/13 premiership side. Tim is also now a life member of the club

The late Helen Williamson was a loyal follower of the club and her brood, always helping with afternoon tea and offering support.

To complete the picture, Mr & Mrs Williamson senior were at almost every game supporting the club.

Gary was inducted as a Legend in the Cricket Albury Wodonga Hall of Fame in 2016

Alan Bounader

Alan first played for Wodonga as a 14 year old in the C Grade team and in a number of stints punctuated by transfers in employment, he played 96 A grade games compiling 2392 runs, a highest score of 101 and averaged 18.33.  He took 42 catches.

He was a very enterprising batsman with a very good technique and possessed an excellent knowledge of the game.

He played representative cricket for ABCA and captained O’Farrell Cup teams.

He has been heavily involved in administration and was President of the club when Wodonga Cricket team established its home base at Kelly Park.  Two turf wickets, practise facilities and a storage shed were developed in circumstances where limited finances required skilful negotiations and resourcefulness.  Kelly Park was the home of Wodonga Cricket Club for twenty years.

Alan coached Under 14 and Under 16 teams to premierships and for twenty or more years was coach and mentor for scores of senior players.

His administrative skills were also evident with his involvement in the ABCA where he served as Secretary, Team Manager and Selector of representative teams at various times.  This involvement was from 1975 until 2003.

Over the years Alan was a constant – whether it was assisting player development, arranging afternoon tea or providing drinks for the players, he was always there.

Alan Bounader has been a great servant of Wodonga Cricket Club.

Robert Craig

Patrick Hynes

Pat Hynes played 72 games for Wodonga retiring at the age of 28 (much too early in the opinion of many) but made a significant contribution to the club.

He made 1309 runs, had a highest score of 77 and averaged 14.09 as an opening batsman.  He was a stylish batsman and a particularly good on-side player.

He played in five premierships at the club – Under 16’s 69/70, C Grade 70/71, B Grade 75/76 and A Grade in 73/74 and 77/78.  He was also a member of the 1978/78 team that won the one-day Viscount Cup.

It is believed that his opening partnership of 185 with Peter Greenwood against Postal United in 78/79 is still a club record.

Pat took on the role of President as an 18 year old and with Ron Trivett as Secretary, took Wodonga into the eighties.  Social activities and a youthful leadership with initiatives such as after match game reports and get-togethers re-united the club after a period where the separation into Maroon and Whites had its adverse effects.

Pat was also curator for 12 years and was involved in the establishment of the wicket at Martin Park which was one of his objectives for the club.

His administrative duties extended to the ABCA where he was Wodonga Club delegate and a member of the executive for 10 years.

In 1982 he was rewarded with Life Membership for his outstanding service to Wodonga Cricket Club.

Edmund (Eddie) Rogalski

William (Bill) Sargood

Bill Sargood crossed to Wodonga at the beginning of the 1981/82 season after playing in two premierships with East Albury in 78/79 and 79/80.

Bill played 53 A Grade games making 810 runs, a highest score of 77 at an average of 19.76.  He also took 36 wickets at 22.86.

Bill won the A Grade batting award in 83/84 scoring 279 runs at 27.9.

He was vice-captain of the 84/85 premiership team captained by Mark Florence.

He was a valued committee member bringing his wide experience to the club.  He served as President and Vice-President and was a respected curator at Martin Park for ten years.

He was coach of the successful 83/84 Under 14 team and he and Alan Bounader coached the Under 16’s to a premiership in 85/86.

He served as Vice-President of the ABCA and was a ABCA selector for 5 years.

During his time at the club the camaraderie and team spirit was at a high level and he had much to do with that.

Bill was awarded Life Membership of Wodonga Cricket Club for his outstanding contribution as a player, administrator, coach and curator.      

Patrick Collins

Peter Macklan

William Proud

First played in the 1973/74 season at the age of 36.

Played 77 games, made 1950 runs at an average of 27.46.

Took 50 catches.

Last played in the 1980/81 season.

Made a highest score of 147 against East Albury in 1996/97.

Scored over 50 on 13 occasions.

Won the Batting Award three times 73/74, 75/76 and 76/77 and Runner up in 74/75.

Scored most runs in ABCA in 1973/74 (418) and was Runner up in 1976/77 (436).

Played in three premiership teams 73/74, 75/76 and captained 77/78.

Represented the ABCA in O’Farrell Cup and Matterson Shield.

Holder of 7th wicket partnership of 137 with Eddie Rogalski against Lavington 1974/75.

General Committee 1974-1981.

Held coaching clinics with Bob O’Donnell and Nick Wolk.

Great Christmas parties out at Ebden.  Pam would make up to 5 trips ferrying young players and non-drivers to and from Wodonga.

Been a regular spectator at games since retiring and Attends most Proud's Junior matches, Loves to see juniors persevere and succeed.

Long time Secretary of the club and in 2008, Bill was awarded the Chris Berg Memorial award for his service to thejunior club over many years.

Laurie Saxon

Andrew Gibson

Tim Williamson

Tim was one of Wodonga Cricket Club’s very best all-rounders as the above statistics indicate. He was in the top 10 games played (3rd), wickets taken (6th), and runs made( (4th), even though he was away for 5 seasons whilst teaching in Casterton.

He was an enterprising, aggressive left-hand batsman who batted very much like his father, Gary. They both punished the loose ball, sending many out of the ground.

He was a medium fast bowler with a beautiful, rhythmic action and could bowl long spells accurately. He had the ability to move the ball in the air and off the pitch and had a lethal slower ball that netted him many wickets.

Tim captained Wodonga Cricket Club and was largely responsible for steering the Club through a difficult period. He was a great role model for the young players he coached and mentored. He was called upon to “fill-in” numerous times after his “retirement” and still performed at a high level.

A Bulldog champion from the talented Williamson family.


Leigh Collins


Craig Borrell


 *Denotes deceased